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Three Homicides In 12 Hours In Memphis

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(Memphis) Ninety-one-year-old Lottie Coleman  heard the commotion and saw the police cars on Standridge Street  Sunday afternoon.
"I stay out-of-the-way cause it's dangerous, very dangerous," she says.

After a  30-year-old was shot and killed just doors away from her home, she is afraid for her own safety.

"I am trying to stay in my home. This is my home, but I need to get out of my home," says Ms. Coleman.

She can't make it to a crime  meeting, but she has seen enough jobless, young men with guns to know the problem.

"They got to do a way with the guns. But people need something to protect themselves that's for sure," she says.

Police Director Toney Armstrong says everyone is concerned about the violence and new collaborations are in the works to address it.

"I think the day is gonna come when suspects cringe to pick up a gun in our city," Armstrong told us in an interview Friday.

Matthew Jones wants to feel safe too in his Parkway Village neighborhood.

"I want to take care of my family. We want to be able to go to the shopping center without getting mugged or robbed or get caught in the crossfire," says Jones.

Sunday afternoon a domestic dispute ended in a shooting death on Villagreen Drive, just blocks away from where Jones shopped Monday morning.
He wants to see the police rolling through even before problems start and see them work with citizens, "Be more present and the more they are around there will be less crime. I used to run the streets so I know if you see police, they not gonna do nothing.  They will be too afraid to come outside.  They have to make their presence known and feel it out here."

 Citizens can have an input on fighting crime at the Operation Take Back  meeting Tuesday, January 15, 2013 at 6:30pm at Mt. Moriah East Baptist Church at 1248 Haynes.

The SCLC  and churches want to find ways for the police and the community to fight crime together.

Memphis  Mayor A C Wharton and Police Director Toney Armstrong are expected to be at the meeting.