Ice Could Cause Tree Limbs To Fall

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(Memphis) With the winter weather, beware. 

Ice could form on tree branches and spell danger for you or lead to power outages.

Our meteorologists are predicting we will get about a tenth of inch of ice that will stick to tree branches. 

It doesn't sound like a lot but arborists say that it is enough to make limbs come down.

Britt Hubbard with Woodland Tree Service says it doesn't take much ice to do damage, "As ice accumulates on tree limbs, the limbs can snap."

Tree limbs snapping could be a side-effect of the forecast, as Winter weather blows through the Mid-South.

As the temperature drops, ice may stick around, weighing down limbs that could possibly take down power lines.  

MLGW says it's ready to tackle power outages, especially after this long streak of rain.

"Especially with the amount of soil-moisture right now, the trees roots just can't hold the tree steady so that wind comes through and that tree can actually fall over," said Hubbard.

Large oaks in Midtown, Memphis often cause problems for MLGW crews but Hubbard says you'll want to stay clear of pines and evergreens as well.

Since thier branches still have foliage, it causes more ice to accumulate, creating more of a chance of the limbs becoming heavy and crashing down, "If they are dead limbs or overhanging cracked limbs, areas that you walk through or drive under a lot, kind of avoid those areas where the ice storm is going on."

And if a tree near you does take down a power line, remember stay away from it and call MLGW.

If you have an outage, call 544-6500. 

And if there is an emergency, like a downed power line, call 528-4465.