Rescue Crews Continue Search for Missing Deputy

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(Cross County, Arkansas) Rescue boats took off on the St. Francis river in the dreary weather Sunday while dozens on the bank stood by with their eyes peeled for 25-year-old Nick Swink.

“We’ve got several boats in the water now doing some searches and doing some drags,” said Shane Dallas with Emergency Management Coordinator.

The married sheriff’s deputy disappeared Friday night when he fell over the bridge. 

“We’re still keeping hope, but we are trying to do everything we can to locate Mr. Swink,” said Dallas.

Overnight the temps plummeted nearly 40 degrees and rain only stopped for about an hour.

“The river has come up four and half feet since yesterday, and the current is stronger,” said Dallas.

The cold, wet weather is not only making it even more difficult to find Swink, but also keeping rescue workers watching each other, hoping they don`t get sick and stay safe.

“It’s been raining on us all morning on and off. People are having to change clothes and get into dry clothes,” said Dallas.

They`ve come from nearby counties and as far away as Jonesboro.

“People come out and try to help because you put yourself in this situation and you hope somebody would come and help you if you needed it also,” said Dallas.