Man Delivers His Own Grandchild

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(Bartlett) A grandfather is being called a hero, after delivering his own grandson when his daughter was in too much pain to make it to the hospital.

Saturday, Marvin Jackson proudly held his not even week old grandson Malachi.

“We are going to be the best of buddies,” said Marvin Jackson.

The duo's bond formed differently than most. Monday, Marvin and his daughter Kadisha were on their way to the hospital. Right before they left the house, Kadisha thought she had to use the bathroom.

“I started getting hot, real hot and I said, ‘Daddy, I can't make it anymore, my water busted,” recalled Kadisha Jackson.

Marvin called 911.

“She said, ‘you going to have to deliver the baby',” said Marvin Jackson.

The 911 dispatcher talked Marvin through the whole delivery. At one point the grandfather even had to use a shoe string to tie the umbilical cord.

“She told me I had to grab his head and keep him elevated so you can keep him up,” said Marvin Jackson.

Minutes after Kadisha screamed for help, Malachi was here.

“The fire department started knocking on the door and I fell flat on the floor. It was so exciting,” said Marvin Jackson.

It was a different experience for the truck driver by trade.

Even though Kadisha has three other kids, Malachi's birth was a different experience for her too.

“His daddy came up with that, it`s a biblical name,” advised Kadisha Jackson.

It means messenger and the newborn is already living up to his name.

“I was going to give him up for adoption. When this happened, it completely changed my mind,” said Kadisha Jackson.

“I brought a life in, that's important to me and my family,” said Marvin Jackson.