Man Jumps Out of Car to Escape Kidnapping

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(Memphis) Police say a man, in fear for his life, jumps out of a moving car! It happened in December in East Memphis during a robbery and kidnapping.  Memphis Police say they’ve caught up with their man, charging Travis Weaver with the crime.

The victim, Joseph Surgeon, was parked at Winchester and Getwell when police say he was robbed and forced to drive to an ATM. However, they never got to the ATM because the victim refused to go there. Police say Surgeon jumped out of the moving car to get away and broke some of his toes doing it. He told police that he jumped because he was scared Weaver was going to kill him.

“He took that risk and jumped out of a moving car,” said Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“I think that was the wise thing to do,” said his former neighbor Alonza Williams.

Williams describes the victim as a good guy, “Smart guy and intelligent guy.”

Police say he was sitting in his car on Winchester when Weaver pointed a gun at him, took all his cash and his bank card then demanded he drive him to the nearest ATM. Instead, police say, while driving, Surgeon jumped out of the moving car on Winchester road, tumbling onto the street.

“You got to try and get away,” said Williams.

Police say the robber, took control of the car, but later abandoned it.  When police found it, they dusted for fingerprints and matched them to Weaver’s.

More than a month after the crime, he is now in jail.

Weaver is in jail on aggravated robbery charges and especially aggravated kidnapping charges.  He's being held on a $150,000 dollar bond.