Business Owner Says She’s Been Victimized Twice

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(Memphis) It's been five months since the International Hair Gallery Beauty Shop on Walker Avenue was set on fire.

Now the owner finds herself a victim again, by the people who were suppose to repair the building.

Marie Waldrup is trying to hold on, "I am about to lose everything I worked for,  the business, the shop, everything."

She is in a temporary building, while her own business  is boarded up.

It's been  boarded up since she says a  former employee torched the place in September.

After the suspect was arrested,  Waldrup thought she could get back to business.

She used a $54,000 insurance check to hire  a contractor, Out of Sight Investors, owned by Michelle Sweet Jones.

"From September to the end of October they was working good, tearing the roof down, everything they was supposed to do," says Waldrup.

Out of Sight even  hired a company to put on a new roof.

But by November, suddenly Out of Sight disappeared.

"That's when she stopped answering the phone," says Waldrup.
Waldrup says when she reached her, Jones was  very vague.

Now even the roofer Jones hired is considering a lawsuit, saying Out of Sight never paid him for $17,000 of work.

"The money was there, $54,000  was there to pay it. He never was paid," says Waldrup.

We went by Out of Sight's business office,  the space is now rented by someone else.

No one answered the phone number listed for the business.

We called Jones' husband, who is listed as Out of Sight's  business operator.

"I don't have nothing to do with this ok," he told us and then hung up.

 But  Marie Waldrup isn't giving up. Her livelihood hangs in the balance.
"I am angry. I am so angry," says Waldrup.

Marie Waldrup says Out of Sight Investors also put her business furniture in storage and she can't get it out.
    Now the storage company is threatening to auction-off the property because the  bill hasn't been paid.
    Waldrup is talking to a lawyer.