Some Want to “Expose” KKK Leader

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(Memphis)  He's being called a" fraud" who needs to be exposed.   

We are talking the man who says he is the local leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

He wants you to know him as “Edward Exalted Cyclops,” the Tennessee leader of the KKK.

But people from his hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi say they know him as someone else.

“Lacy Edward Ferguson the Third,” said Brenda White.

White says Ferguson is in the wrestling business, but nowadays wrestles mostly with a bad reputation, “He is such a fraud and he such a liar!”

White claims just this past October, Ferguson used the good name of a St. Jude Children's Hospital to make money and rip people off. 

She says Ferguson hosted a haunted house in Tupelo for a month, even advertised it on the radio, saying proceeds would go to St. Jude.

White says people paid $10 to get in, hundreds came by, but in the end the only person who benefited was Ferguson.

“Nothing went to St. Jude,” said White.  “Nothing went to the people who worked for him there. When he done his last night, he packed-up the money and took off and left everybody.”

White believes Ferguson made-off with about $15,000.

It's money that could have gone to his latest mission to get people in Memphis to join the KKK.

We contacted St. Jude to see if it ever received a donation from Ferguson or his wrestling business but officials there say they can't say for sure, since some people donate anonymously.

We also reached out to Ferguson himself but he has yet to return our call.