SCLC Comes to Aid of “Bullied” DeSoto Student

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(Olive Branch, MS) The Reverend Dwight Montgomery says it all started with a case of bullying at Center Hill High School in Olive Branch.

He says an African-American teenager had put up with so much grief, that she reached her limit on a bus ride home, ”The other little girl had been bullying the children, using "the N word" and the other child just got fed up."

She apparently started a fist fight on the bus that resulted in undisclosed disciplinary action that Montgomery says punished the victim, but not the bully.

A School spokesperson said they had no record of any previous bullying complaint.

”No reports have been made to school officials about the children involved or we would have addressed it” said Katherine Nelson of DeSoto County Schools.

But she says school leaders had to address the violence on the bus.

The girl’s mother didn’t want to talk on camera about what happened, saying she doesn’t believe any good would come of it, but she did tell me she withdrew her daughter from school after the disciplinary hearing.

The girl’s mother also claims she’s never had a history of problems.

But school leaders say the one that gets violent, gets the punishment.

”The one that throws the punch, there are consequences for that. We have zero tolerance on fighting. Fighting is not a way to resolve conflicts,” Nelson explained.

The SCLC doesn’t condone the violence, but Montgomery is concerned the school leaders may be treating the symptom and not the problem "They need to look at the fact that another fight could occur and other things could happen because of bullying that happens at the school among certain students."

DeSoto students are encouraged to report bullying in person, or anonymously on the school district website.