Missing Woman Found Dead In Cross County, AR

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Update: The family of Sheila Karow is seeking assistance to bury her. If you would like to know how you can help, please contact Sheila Cantrall 870-821-1380.

(Cross County, AR) A sad ending in the search for a Mid-South woman who disappeared over the weekend.

Late Tuesday the Cross County Sheriff's Office told News Channel 3 search teams found  Sheila Karow's body in her car,  a mile and a half north of Cherry Valley, Arkansas.

Investigators think she may have gotten lost and ran off Highway 1 into a ditch.

Family members had been hoping the woman would be found safe.

Tuesday afternoon Sheila Cantrall feared the worst for her sister-in-law Sheila Karow.

Now those fears are confirmed.

Sheila Karow was last seen at a gas station in Cherry Valley, Arkansas.

She and her husband stopped there Saturday night after doing some construction work in Wynne, but Sheila Cantrall says Karow's husband was arrested, "He was in there buying a pizza. He swore up and down that he paid for the pizza, but the cashier said he didn't. And that's how the law got called."

Sheila Karow was left to drive her car back to Moro, Arkansas where she lived with her sister-in-law, but the woman apparently became lost.

Sheila Cantrall recalls the disturbing cell phone call she received, "As I was talking to her she was telling me that she had blood running out of her head and glass in her eyes. And the she proceeded to tell me that she was in the back of a van and she didn't know how she got in the back of a van."

Cantrall believes her sister-in-law was badly injured in a car accident and was confused on her whereabouts.

Investigators say the woman's cell phone signal was picked by a tower in Cherry Valley.

Cross County Sheriff J.R. Smith says an all out search by ground and air centered on three counties, but the woman's car was in a ditch and not visible to searchers,"They flew the whole quadrant up in the north part of the county: Poinsett, Cross, Jackson. No sign or her car anywhere."

Sheila Karow's body has been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for an autopsy.