Gun Dealers Selling Out of Firearms in Mid-South

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(Memphis) Mid-South gun store owners say their sales have tripled in the past week because of uncertainty over what lawmakers will do about gun control.

Gun store owners say they can't keep firearms or ammo in stock, and they can't restock their shelves because the wholesale distributors are put of inventory.

“I think people are scared number one. And I think people are afraid of their gun rights being taken away from them,” said Dennis Smith, who owns The Garr Hole in Marion, Arkansas.

Smith usually sells about a dozen guns a week. This week he's sold over sixty.

“People are ready to arm themselves. They're tired of waiting on somebody else to protect them,” said Smith.

Smith sales always spike after mass shootings like the tragedy at a Newtown, Connecticut school but they usually slow down after a about a week. 

But this time consumers haven’t stopped loading up because of the threat of new laws.

“The most asked for product is going to be your AR style assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. And quite frankly there are none to be found, period,” said Smith.

Smith can’t restock his shelves because his wholesaler is completely sold out, and it's like this nationwide.

Tremell McGee came in The Garr Hole to buy a gun, but they were sold out of the gun he wanted.

“The supply is limited first of all. You can't just go in there and grab what you want right away,” said McGee.

Gun dealers in Tennessee tell me there have been over 1500 gun sales a day in the state, and the average is around four hundred. 

They say in the last week there have been over ten thousand Tennessee gun sales.