Fallen Officer Martoiya Lang’s Divorce Case In Court

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(Memphis) Before her death, Officer Martoiya Lang was supposed to be in court for her own divorce hearing.

That hearing went on Tuesday  and it’s clear,  even though she is no longer alive, there are still some outstanding issues.

The man Martoiya Lang was married to when she died is also the man she was planning to divorce.

Darius Lang sat outside divorce court Tuesday as attorneys and a judge took up his request to have his divorce case dismissed since Officer Lang’s death last month as she served a drug warrant.

“The case was set for trial today. We were anxious to get this divorce completed,” said Attorney Felicia Corbin Johnson, who was representing Officer Lang in the divorce.

“There were allegations of abuse and some concerns Mrs. Lang had,” says Johnson.

In the divorce papers, Martoiya Lang said her estranged husband Darius Lang had a history of physical violence and served time in jail for Domestic Assault, Aggravated Burglary and Stalking.

She also said he had not provided any support for their three kids during their separation.

Darius Lang and his attorneys declined comment after the hearing.

But Lang has constantly said he’s been involved with his kids and they are his main focus  now.

“I have always been able to take care of my children. Money really doesn’t matter to me right now.  My main concern is for my daughters and their welfare,” Darius Lang told us last week.

Because  Martoiya Lang died before her divorce from Darius Lang was finalized, a court is left to decide whether all she leaves behind now goes to the husband she was divorcing or to the children of whom he currently has custody.

“In terms of any assets Mrs. Lang had, there are four children. The court just wants to make sure things are done properly,” says Johnson.

The judge re-set the divorce hearing to January 17.

Darius Lang has also filed court papers to get guardianship of Officer Lang’s youngest daughter, who she had with another man.