News Channel 3 Viewers Help Wheelchair Bound Amputee Who Was Robbed and Dumped in Street

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UPDATE: Several News Channel 3 viewers saw and read the story about Charles Jones and wanted to help. Not only did they get Jones a new wheelchair, they helped replace the money stolen from him. Watch the video above.

(FORREST CITY, AR)  When Charles Jones was 19 years old he wandered on some train tracks when he was hit and never walked again. Now he rolls through Forrest City in a wheelchair collecting aluminum cans. He uses the cash and a disability check to try to get by.

“I have a lil money but it goes to my bills”, said Jones

      It was enough to draw the attention of one man who snuck up behind Jones Thursday night, knocked him right out of his wheelchair and starting digging in his pockets.

“He called me names and said ‘I don’t know what you got on you but you're going to drop everything you got on you’”, said Jones.

   Seventy three dollars, that’s what Jones had, the man took every dollar, smashed Jones wheelchair and took off. He left the man with no legs lying in the middle of the street.

“I was hollerin', I was hollerin' telling somebody to call the police” added Jones

  Somehow he crawled to a door - up some steps and got someone to call 911.  Police had to bring him home where he sat using spare parts from his broken chair and two others trying to hobble something together so he could get around.

  It's not perfect, but it works.  He can't search for cans anymore but can move a bit. He just wants the man who did this, caught.