More Teachers Come Forward about Toilet Paper Problem

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(Memphis) We told you about a school that has possible health concerns.

Now, more teachers have come forward saying South Park Elementary often lacks soap and toilet paper.

One teacher even said she was “relieved” to hear the issue has gotten media attention.

The principal of South Park Elementary school says she was caught off-guard about these complaints.

But some teachers say that is simply not true, that she has heard these complaints multiple times before.

One teacher wrote News Channel 3 saying, "I find it unfortunate that the principal was quick to deny that these discussions ever took place."

She is one of four South Park Elementary teachers who say the school's bathrooms often lack soap and toilet paper.

They claim parents and teachers have had to donate these items so students can keep clean.

The teachers also say the school has dirty carpets, cockroaches, a problem with pink-eye and other health concerns.

They are issues, they say, the principal hasn't done anything about.

“I have personally been present in meetings where these issues have been brought up.  The response is always ‘I’ll look into it’,” said a teacher.

“Whenever there are anonymous complaints, there is something that is just not quite right,” said Kenneth Whalum, Jr., a Memphis school board commissioner.

Whalum, Jr. says he tends to side with the principal on this one. He says if the teachers had a real issue, they should have gone to the superintendent, or put their names on these complaints, instead of remaining anonymous.

“I don’t care how serious the complaint is, if you can`t tell me your name, why would I put my name on trying to solve the problem that you won`t put your name on?” asked Whalum, Jr.

The teachers say they are scared of losing their jobs.

MCS says that the day that our story first aired, Friday, maintenance staff inspected the school and found no issues with conditions.

However, they did restock toilet paper and clean the carpets.

Afterwards, News Channel 3 got an email from a teacher thanking us for making that happen.