Mom Wakes To Find Python Wrapped Around Child

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(Lismore, New South Wales)A woman in Australia woke to find a python wrapped around her 2-year-old daughter.

The woman, Tess Guthrie from Lismore, New South Wales was woken by the sound of her cat hissing, ‘I thought I was having a nightmare, but then realized this was no bad dream.”

The 6 foot python was wrapped around her daughter’s arm.

The mom pried the snake off her daughter

The child had a few bites but was otherwise unharmed.

Snake expert Tex Tillis said the python was not trying to hurt the child, ‘It was trying to have a group hug,’ he told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph. ‘Pythons, underneath their bottom jaw, they have a row of sensors which enable them to see the world in terms of infrared pictures.

‘So in the dark they’re going to see a baby as this warm spot.’