Flu hitting hard and heavy

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(Memphis) – Tara Guenther saw the reports, heard the warnings and took action by getting her flu shot.

“I watched the report on the news this morning saying it has hit the country and it’s gonna be a bad year for the flu. I am a little behind in getting it because it takes two weeks, but I am glad I am in,” said  Guenther, shortly after getting her flu shot.

    She and others lined up at the Shot Nurse Clinic on Poplar Avenue to get vaccinated against the flu.
     Clinics are seeing more and more patients.

“The time before when I have gotten the flu, I wish I had the flu shot. The flu is wicked, it’s not something anybody wants,” said Guenther.

   There is good reason to be worried.
Nationally the flu is hitting hard and heavy, especially in the South.
Experts can’t explain why, but the earlier onset of flu season and changing weather conditions are believed to be factors.

     The Shelby County Health Department is offering flu shots and the department says while a particular strain of the flu is making people sicker this year, the vaccine is very effective.

“They look at what circulates in other hemispheres  and make a decision in the spring on what to put in the vaccine that we get traditionally around September,” said Dr. Helen Morrow with the Shelby County Health Department. “This year is a very good match between what is circulating in the community and what is in our vaccine.”

 The Health Department says it  has administered 2-thousand-539 flu shots so far this flu season.
     That’s just at Health Department clinics.
     They don’t track how many of those people still get the flu after getting the shot, but they say if you do, it’s probably because it was already incubating in your system.

  Health officials say overall, it’s still better to get the flu shot, than suffer  the flu.