Pastor Responds To Gunfire Outside Funeral

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(Memphis) Dancing and singing filled Promise Land Church in Frayser, Sunday.

But in the middle of a joyful service, Pastor Elliot Shelton Jr took to time to address something not so joyful.

Saturday, as hundreds were leaving the funeral of Randy Williams, gun fire erupted in front of the church.

The event marked even more violence for what was supposed to be a way for family and friends to peacefully say goodbye to the 24-year-old victim of a Christmas Eve shooting at Club Crave.

" I want to thank all of our volunteers that rushed into place to minister and calm people down." said Pastor Shelton.

Memphis police arrested a 17-year-old for illegally having a gun at the scene.

Because the shell casings they found on scene didn't match those that came from the gun, police aren't sure if the teen fired his weapon.

Nearly a dozen Memphis police officers stood guard in front of the church during service.

We're told their presence helped church goers feel safe.

Pastor Shelton believes even through all the violent commotion there are things the community can be thankful for.

"Out of 200 and something people being outdoors; no one was shot. That's the power of God," said Shelton.

The minster is praying for that Power of God to do even more in Memphis.

"Bless our city and that our city will grow up from this and be a better city and we will be better people," said Shelton.

No arrests have been made for Randy Williams murder.

Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.