KKK Recruitment Flyers Found In Driveway

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(Memphis) A couple of grandparents found a small sheet of white paper urging folks to join the KKK tossed on their driveway Friday morning.

"I felt anger, and I felt fear because this can't be, not today," said Petrey Mack.

The Memphis native remembers vividly what is was like to be black in the south years ago.

"The tension I went through, black water fountains, riding the back of the buses, I thought was pretty much over with," said Petrey Mack.

But a recorded message the flyer prompts people to hear suggests racial tension is still very much alive.

"Always remember, if it ain't white, it ain't right. White Power," said the recorded message.

"My great-grandfather was ran out of Mississippi by the Klan who burned his house down. For me to hear about this again, it's crushing, it really is," said Synel Mack.

The couple called Memphis police who came out and picked up not just their recruitment flier, but one tossed in every driveway on their street.

"We got the Operation Blue Crush. They focus on stopping gangs, no one is stopping this gang, it's a big gang," said Synel Mack.

Memphis police say the person responsible for tossing out the fliers could be cited with littering, but only if they are caught in the act. Earlier this week, a man who didn't want to be identified called News Channel 3, saying he was going around town handing out the fliers because the Klan was no longer holding rallies in the area.

"How can you come on my property and solicit your hatred? What right do you have? It's bold, extremely bold," said Petrey Mack.

It's a bold move the grandmother doesn't want to see again.

"If my grand-babies go outside to play I want to know they are safe." said Petrey Mack.