Slain Police Officer’s Husband Gets Control Of Her Estate

(Memphis) Memphis Police Officer Martoiya Lang's husband Darius went before a Probate Judge to get one big issue settled; the estate of his late wife.

Lang told Judge Robert Benham his wife's estate is worth some $18,000.

His attorney says there are thousands of  more dollars out there, raised through public donations.

"Anything that passes directly to the daughters is a non-probate asset. Somebody has got to set up guardianship and those would go directly into a guardianship account. What we are trying to determine is what will go into your client's hands," Judge Benham told Lang's attorney, Psonya Hackett.

He went on to give Lang control of the estate in order to pay off his wife's debts.

The issue of those fundraising dollars is already proving to be sticky.

The Memphis Police Association set up one at Regions Bank and money has been pouring in from all over.

"We have probably in excess of a  couple of hundred thousand dollars in that account.  That account is gonna be set up specifically for the children," said Mike William of the Memphis Police Association.

There is a fund at Suntrust Bank that the public has been donating to since Officer Lang died.

Bank of Bartlett has also been collecting money and several public fundraisers have pulled in plenty of dollars.

"There have been a lot of agencies that have collected and are holding on to it. So we don't know how much has been collected since the 14th of December," said Hackett.

It seems those over the different fundraising efforts haven't talked about putting all the money together in one place for the kids.

Mike Williams of the Memphis Police Association says he wants to make sure that the public dollars donated don't get caught up in the fray and go to the children as promised.

Martoyia Lang's mother is still asking a court to give her guardianship over funds raised for the Lang children, as well as custody of the Lang girls.

Meanwhile Darius Lang says he is not concerned about the money, but is focusing on raising his kids who he says are adjusting well.

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