Family Says Murder Victim Was Trying To Change His Life

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(Memphis) A father of a young daughter, trying to change his life, was shot and killed then stuffed in the trunk of his car.

Bryan Henderson's family says they have no idea why he was killed, but police have charged Mykel Nolan with his murder.

Henderson’s mother had to fly in from Chicago this week to identify her son's body.

He spent four days in the trunk of his own car, dead, on the side of a road.

“We didn’t know where he was at,” said Frankie Washington, the victim’s cousin. “We were looking for him, riding around looking for him.  We would call his phone and no answer.”

Henderson’s family said they knew something was wrong.

Now they know, at least part of, the whole story.

“I’ve just been crying all night,” said Washington.  “That was my baby.”

Police say Nolan shot and killed Henderson at his airport area apartment December 30th then drove Henderson's body about a mile away to Goodhaven drive.

Apparently, Henderson was friends with his accused killer’s roommate.

“That’s where he used to get his tattoos done at,” said Bianca Davison, the suspect’s neighbor.

Family members confirm Henderson planned to get a tattoo at the apartment that day but instead, got shot in the head. That's about all they know.

“Nobody knows. The family doesn’t know, and we want to know why,” said Washington.

Washington admits Henderson's Facebook photos might not show the best side of him.

She says he can be seen flashing gang signs and flaunting cash, “He had some issues going on in his life and in his past but he was changing!”

Washington says Henderson moved back to Memphis just a few months ago from Chicago and stopped hanging-out on the streets, was getting a job, and looking to be a good father to his young daughter.

Instead, his life came to an abrupt end at age 22.

“He was changing his life,” said Washington.  “He had changed a whole one hundred percent. He changed his life and someone took his life.”

Nolan faces second degree murder charges and is being held on a $5 million dollar bond.

In the meantime, Henderson's family plans to hold a candlelight vigil for Henderson sometime in the next few days.