Website Puts Instagram Users on Display

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(Memphis) There is a warning for people who use the Instagram app to share their life with their friends.

Use caution, because a new website could expose more information than you want.

Millions of people use Instagram to share their life through pictures.

“I use it to take pictures of my kids and to share it with friends and family,” said Hope Link.

However, without proper privacy settings the story of your digital life could be exposed A new website called “The Beat” allows people to search keywords and find an Instagrammer's picture and location. It then couples those two together, showing where that picture was taken on Google Street view.

“Personally I don't like that someone can see where I snapped that photo,” said Link.

Stefanie Bowen added, “It is kind of creepy.”

There are some privacy protections on the site.

People can't search for anything that returns risque or sexual results, but the word bikini brings back just that.

“Someone who thinks you're hot and might come find you,” said Bowen.

There is an easy way to protect yourself by turning off "location services" for Instagram in your phone's settings. Then it won't attach where you are to the photo you just took.

Bowen plays it safe because she believes you never know who could be looking.

“My main thing would be to block,” said Bowen. “Have yours blocked where only friends and family can see it because you don't want someone out there looking at all of your stuff.”