Three Men Arrested After Woman Shot 8 Times

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(Memphis) Three people are now locked up in connection to the shooting last month of a young Memphis woman.

Cierra Dukes was shot eight times while sitting in her car at a home on Flora in Southeast Memphis.

Two weeks later, she is still recovering from her wounds, "I was shot eight times. Four times in the back, two grazed my shoulder, and two grazed the back of my hand."

Dukes said on December 20, Micah Shoemaker shot at her car at her cousin's house.

Dukes said a short time later, two other men approached her car at a friend's house on Flora, told her she was going to die, and started shooting.

"I began to hear gunshots, and as I knew was struck I tipped over in my car, and once the gunshots stopped I blew my horn just to alert the neighbors I had been shot," said Dukes.

Dukes was able to make it up to the front door of her friend's house and get some help. 

She says paramedics removed some of the bullets from her body on the way to the hospital.

Police arrested Micah Shoemaker and charged him with aggravated assault.

They also charged Alford Robinson and Cordney Perry with attempted first-degree murder.

Shoemaker told police it was all over a dice game, but Dukes says she was shot because she owed Shoemaker's sister fifty dollars.

"I never knew fifty dollars would make someone do something like that," said Dukes.

She says the worst part is they all went to high school together.

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