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Memphis Native Shines on National Stage

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(Memphis) As the Alabama Crimson Tide prepares to take the field in the BCS National Championship game for the third time in  four years.

Memphis raised Barrett Jones will once again be leading the way.

Jones is a highly regarded offensive lineman that has shined in his college career.

"He’s had a great  five years at Alabama. He had a red-shirt year but it’s been a fantastic opportunity  for him to experience a lot of neat things," said Barrett's father Rex Jones.

Rex and his Wife Leslie stay very busy during the fall months with two sons playing for Alabama and a third committed to start playing this fall, "We are on the road a lot during that period of time going to Tuscaloosa, going to the other games. We go to every game that they play."

They are preparing to head to Miami this weekend for a game that Rex calls bittersweet as it will be Barrett's last in college.

"I told him, I almost wish he would just quit football after this year. Physically it’s very taxing on your body. It certainly takes a toll. He has a dream to play in the NFL, so I’m going to do everything I can to help him facilitate that.  And whichever of the 32 teams he gets drafted to I will be the biggest fan that teams ever had," said Rex.

Barrett has worked hard in his college career winning many awards.

"School is very important to Barrett. He is very competitive so for him it’s a way to compete. He loves to compete in the classroom," said Rex when asked Barrett earning a 4.0 GPA while completing his undergrad and graduate degree in 5 years. Rex said Barrett loves to give back serving in places like Haiti on mission trips.

"We had to figure out how we were going to raise our kids, Leslie and I did. We decided to raise them on biblical truths and with biblical truth comes a lot of responsibility to love other people. So I think that is something that Barrett decided early on, that in addition to all the things he was involved in that he wanted to love other people and these mission trips are just ways that he expresses that," said Rex.

You can catch Barrett on the Alabama offensive line Monday night at 7:30 on ESPN.