Man Busted For Allegedly Selling Drugs On A Drugstore Parking Lot

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(Memphis) A mug shot shows the face of 29-year-old Chauncey Joyner.

Police say the man is not a pharmacist,  was dispensing and trying to sell drugs, the illegal kind, on a Walgreen's parking lot in Midtown.

Shoppers such as Regina Lee were surprised, "I think it is really bad everywhere, in no area, it's everywhere."

This time it happened in broad daylight in the 1800 block of Union near McLean Wednesday evening.

A police affidavit of complaint indicates Joyner thought he was going to make a drug deal that had been arranged earlier.

Officers say Joyner was trying to sell two ounces of powder cocaine for $2,200 and a half ounce of crack cocaine for $650.

What Joyner didn't know was that he was selling it to an undercover officer who arrested him.         

Kevin Newman shops in the Midtown area, "Just people are desperate, people need money and I think they are crazy, too."
Joyner was charged with trying to manufacture, deliver, and sell cocaine.

His bond was set at $150,000.
Still, shoppers and neighbors such as Catherine McGee say they're worried about crimes like these taking place so close.

"Well, it does concern me, yes. I didn't think it would happen in this neighborhood. I live around the corner and enjoy this neighborhood. I don't know what to say, but I wish it wasn't happening," McGee said.         
But for now at least one suspected drug dealer is off the streets, but neighbors hope more can be done.

"I think we need more protection in this area because it is a residential area. It seems to be developing and I don't want something to hurt it," McGee said.