Court Hearing Set for Custody Dispute of Officer Lang’s Children

Martoiya Lang

Martoiya Lang

(Memphis) A custody battle over who will take in Officer Martoiya Lang’s four daughters will be hashed out in court today.

Officer Lang’s children had been with her mother since her murder on December 14.

The father of Lang’s three oldest girls was allowed to see them last week, the first time since the shooting.

Darius Lang was given custody of the girls. But Officer Lang’s mother, Vivian Woods-Taylor filed for guardianship of her granddaughters and their estate.

According to the Commercial Appeal, Officer Lang’s mother filed a restraining order against Darius Lang and filed a petition to release Officer’s Lang’s life insurance and death benefits to her. Those benefits are close to $500,000.

Darius Lang and Officer Lang were married in 1998 but had filed for divorce, which had not been finalized.

They were expected to go to court this month.

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