Court Appearance On Custody of Slain Officer’s Children Delayed

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Martoiya Lang

(Memphis) A delay in the custody hearing of fallen police officer Martoiya Lang’s  three children.

A judge in the case says this is one he wants to handle himself.

Probate Court Judge Robert Benham threw everyone a loop Thursday morning when he asked a special judge not to hear the case of the Lang children.

Benham will be back on the bench Friday and says ‘he’ wants to take up the case.

Darius Lang and his attorney thought they would begin the child custody proceedings Thursday  morning, but that did not happen.

They arrived in what is called ‘open court’  where they expected a special probate judge to begin looking at the petition of guardianship filed by Martoiya Lang’s mother, Vivian Woods-Taylor.

She wants the courts to turn the kids and their mother’s estate over to her, saying Darius Lang is not a fit father.

Lang didn’t want to get into the details of the case, but says he will fight for his kids.

He says the girls have started back to school and nothing in their life is going to change other than the fact they lost their mother.

“I hope for the best for my daughters and I am ready to do whatever it takes to make that happen,” says Lang.

Darius Lang’s attorney wanted to file another petition Thursday to get the estate of Martoiya Lang opened and overseen by the  court.

But they delayed filing that until Friday when all of this will be  heard before Judge Robert Benham.

  News Channel 3 has learned there will also be a meeting Friday to look at the options for handling the money donated to a fund set up at Suntrust Bank in Martoiya Lang’s name.
   No word on the amount of money, but people have been donating since the officer’s death December 14th.

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