This New Year, Gyms May be Coming to You

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(Memphis) If you are like millions of Americans, you may be promising to hit the gym this new year.

But, if you don't keep your promise, some gyms may be coming to you.

“Today, I am doing shoulders and back,” said Waitress Alexandria Eddleman.

We can’t all be like Alexandria.

“I usually workout five or six days a week,” she said.  “I try to lift for an hour and do 15-30 minutes of cardio."

Her new year’s goal is to take her body fat from 15 to 11 percent!

Most people are just trying to get to the gym, period.

“A lot of people never walk into a place like WellWorX or any other fitness center where they have treadmills or weights,” said Sheridan Hibbard, owner of WellWorX Sports Club.

Hibbard says that's why his new year goal's goal, as a gym owner, is to take the workout to work places, “So, if we can go in to their workplace and become part of that workplace, whether it’s through classes, lunch-and-learn seminars and those different types of activities and build those relationships to where the trust is there, the comfort is there and people will come up to us and say ‘hey, what can I be doing for exercise?”

It's called "corporate wellness" and gyms like WellWorX downtown are taking fitness classes and nutrition seminars to Memphis businesses in hopes of getting people interested in exercise and eating right.

“What are your goals? Write those goals down. Look at them periodically,” said Hibbard.

“Consistency is going to be your key,” said Eddleman.

The idea is to get folks to make that lifestyle change, not just for the new year but all year.

“A big thing might be intimidation in the gym but there is nothing to be afraid of,” said Eddleman.  “We are all here for the same reason.”

If you are interested in bringing corporate wellness to your business, contact WellWorx at its downtown location. Here is its website: