DeSoto Crime Stoppers Re-Vamps

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(Hernando, MS) DeSoto Sheriff Bill Rasco says he’s putting renewed effort into the County’s Crime Stoppers program, after political disagreements caused him to distance himself several years ago.

He says he’s behind a new push to bring police, deputies and volunteers together to stop crime, and financially reward tipsters, ”We all have to work together to make this thing work right. Being Crime Stoppers coordinator for 8 ½ years, I know it’s a good program I know it works."

A recent meeting between County Supervisors and key players started the ball rolling to get the word out on DeSoto crimes on a regular basis.

”Hopefully we can get some advertisement on the radio stations and the TV stations and what not, and like a crime of the week” said Larry Holland of DeSoto Crime Stoppers.

He adds you’ll soon see the tip line, 662-429-TIPS all over the place.

In fact, DeSoto Crime Stoppers already has its first success story of the year.

After a tip on New Year’s Eve led to an arrest in a rape case out of Olive Branch.

Holland says DeSoto Crime Stoppers gets about 130 calls a year, and about 40 percent of those tips lead to arrests.

With the help of the Sheriff, and local police chiefs he believes and open line of communication can lead to more tips and more arrests.

”We’re gonna have two officers make all the meetings. That way we’ll be involved and know what’s goin’ on” and Sheriff Rasco says his department will remain an active player ”We’ll have a contact for them, they can contact him at any time and find out what we need help with, what we need publicized."

Tipsters whose information leads to an arrest can get one thousand dollars, and stay anonymous.

”The more people that we get, the better, the safer our community will be,” Holland said.

That’s one goal, everyone here agrees on.