Club Crave Owner Makes Appearance In Court

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(Memphis) Friday, attorneys and a judge are expected to set a trial date to determine if Club Crave should be shut down for good.

Last week, the city was granted a temporary restraining order to close the business.

It happened days after a deadly shooting outside the Beale Street nightclub.

The city wants it declared a public nuisance and health hazard.

"The city's position is that the club need to be shut down, that there is no productive use, that it has been branded as a place where people go to cause trouble," said City Attorney Rob Ratton.

Randy Williams, one of the owners of the club, and George Miller, the man who leases the building, were both in court today and said they plan to fight it.

Miller's attorney said the club is not the problem.

"If you look at it there is a lot of traffic that flows down from that area that doesn't originate from that club. There have been a lot of arrests made on Beale Street," said Robert Wampler.

Memphis Mayor A C Wharton said that the city also wanted to take action to tear down the building.

One group, though, has already begun a petition drive to save Club Crave.

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