Bombs Found in Child’s Lunchbox

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(JONESBORO, AR) He's the superhero that used spider webs to trap the bad guys and his heightened senses to spot trouble.

There was a different story in a Spider-Man lunchbox found on the side of a rural road in Jonesboro. 

The only tools found were the kind to start some serious trouble.

“I looked at and picked up two or three bottles, I said, ‘Get your hands off it, I’m calling the police department.  I already know what it is, it’s bombs” said Jesse James.

James has a name most people associate with an outlaw,  but this Jesse only wanted ... to protect anyone from getting hurt.

Inside the kids lunchbox Police found pill bottles loaded with BB pellets, nails, and gun powder.

“They were ready to light, throw, do whatever you want with them and they had all the accessories to make fifteen or twenty bombs”, said James.

Every good case has a good clue.  In this one, all the prescription bottles had one man's name on them. Police haven’t made an arrest yet, though.