Vandals Trash Savannah, TN Police Firing Range

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(Savannah, TN) Vandals in Hardin County were busy creating mischief over the Christmas holiday including trashing the Savannah Police Department's firing range.

"That's where the windows were broken out.  All of the windows were broken out of the building."

Captain Terry Hosea has the crime scene photos, from all places, a police department firing range.

It's where Savannah, Tennessee Police officers do their weapons training.

Captain Hosea says vandals also went to work with spray paint, "A lot of the signs had been destroyed with black spray paint."

He says the damage happened sometime after December 23rd and came as a shock to officers who work to make the range "first class."

"We put a lot of hours each year in the range: mowing it, painting the building, repair to the targets, countless numbers of hours."

Captain Hosea says money that could have gone for crime fighting was used to repair the windows and paint over graffiti.

But the department stands to lose a lot more money.

Each year the Savannah PD turns in thousands of brass shell casings to be re-loaded which amounts to hundreds of dollars in savings.

Captain Hosea says vandals didn't steal the brass, they dumped all of it on the ground, "They did get rain on them. They'll have to go through a thorough cleaning now before they can be re-used."

Police have developed some suspects who they believe also spray painted obscenities on a nearby head start center,

"They'll probably be brought in and questioned in the days ahead of us."

Savannah Police are planning new security procedures for the firing range in an effort to prevent more break-ins in the future.