New Year’s Day Prayer Breakfast Focuses On Community Goals

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Memphis) It's how many have started their New Year for the past 20 years.

Memphis City Councilman Myron Lowery and his wife put on the annual Prayer Breakfast to welcome in the New Year and discuss what faces the community.

"The challenges will be with  us. The only differences is our will to share a vision. That's why I am serving," says Councilman Lowery.

The event  draws several local dignitaries and focuses on community issues like the jobs expected through economic development efforts.

"The idea of bringing new jobs has not been mere political talk. They are the real thing. Those who said Electrolux would never happen, 57 people have already been hired, by now more. KTG is now hiring. The Brewery is now hiring. Mitsubishi will soon be hiring. So again we had a year of some successes with many,many challenges ahead," said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton.

Shelby County Mark Luttrell says making education a priority is another goal for 2013, especially in light of the school merger, "Our challenges for education go beyond just merging of school systems. It goes to providing a quality education for our children as they become the next generation of leaders in our community."

Congressman Steve Cohen, who was slated to speak at the event, instead phoned in from Washington where he is still working with other lawmakers on the budget.

Leaders say  jobs, education,  and federal spending are all important, connected issues that  will carry over to the new year,  with  hopes of making progress toward reaching resolutions.