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Highway To Change East DeSoto

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(Lewisburg, MS) The country store at the corner of Craft and Byhalia Roads has been at just about the center of Lewisburg since the 1940’s.

Regina Delashmit hasn’t been here that long, but remembers what DeSoto was like before the boom-times, ”I believe it was ’79 when I moved here and Goodman Road was a two lane road. There was basically nothing all the way to Bullfrog Corner."

But planners believe two things will rapidly change east DeSoto.

The new Methodist Hospital will open later this year, and not far behind it, Interstate 269 will bring lots of traffic right through the heart of this community.

Change is already evident here. In fact, there are those who say in ten years, this part of DeSoto County will be as busy as Southaven, Olive Branch or Horn Lake.

Not everybody’s on board with the transformation that many foresee here, but others say it’s unavoidable.

”Well, I think it will a little because we like when we look at the sky and it’s really dark and really beautiful at night, but at the end of the day I’d like to have a grocery store closer,” said resident Claire Hick.

Construction on the new road will begin in the next year or two, at a cost of about 490 million, including a section in Tennessee.

Experts say shopping centers and corporate headquarters could one day share space, not far from Delashmit's country store.

”It’s a good thing and a bad thing, yeah. Traffic will get bad, but it’s good for the economy and good for the community”.

Some say the already existing quality schools nearby will only hasten the change here.