People Frustrated By Fiscal Cliff Let Congress Know On Facebook

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(Memphis) More talk than action coming out of Washington as lawmakers still have failed to reach a compromise to avoid going over the fiscal cliff when the New Year rings in.

While many are celebrating 2013, those who fear what it will bring financially are taking to Facebook to give  local lawmakers a lashing.

On Congress woman Marsha Blackburn's Facebook Page, Joe Seale writes,
"That's the problem with Democrats and GOP... MY WAY OR NO WAY. The government is going to cut another 500 billion of the defense budget. Do you have any clue how many people will lose their job? Who's going to buy anything without a job? Compromise."

 Congressman Blackburn told us by phone her fellow House Members have been working.

"We have tried in the House on a bipartisan basis, we have voted to move forward with tax reform. We have voted to extend the tax cuts for everybody and we have a Senate  that has refused to do the work," says Blackburn.

Representative Steve Cohen is hearing it too.

Susan Ferkin sent him a Facebook message saying, "As far as the fiscal cliff, everyone in Congress should have their paycheck held until they solve this issue. (sorry Steve). The GOP is still in denial about who won the election."

Cohen said by phone he still believes a compromise is possible, "We need to act. Both sides have taken their time to get the best possible leverage for negotiations. I think action will take place or lack of action will condemn the Congress and both parties."

Senator Bob Corker is calling for compromise too, from the White House.

Allene Jessie says she is just holding on to faith her Senator won't let  her down writing, "I worked hard to own my home, car and property. The past 12 years have been brutal on me. I need a new roof, can't afford it. You need to cut the rich and not me a poor widow. "