Mother Of A DUI Victim Gives Stern Warning

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(Memphis) Holidays like New Year’s Eve has a new meaning for Memphian Mary Shipp.

Shipp lost her daughter Marjorie Tucker on Christmas Eve 2011.

”I am actually numb still. Is like it happened yesterday,” said Shipp.

According to Shelby County Investigator’s Tucker was in a car with three other women on Raleigh-Millington Road when their car was rear ended by a drunk driver and forced into oncoming traffic.

All four women were killed and two others in a separate car were seriously injured.

Investigators said 32 year-old Davis Brooks was responsible for the crash and he is now charged with four counts of vehicular homicide.

Shipp said she will never forget the call from her granddaughter.

“They told her that her mom was in an accident and she didn't make it. And at first she thought it was a prank call. She said she hung up on the man,” said Shipp.

Shipp said she did not believe the news until she went to identify her daughter’s body. Her daughter leaves behind 3 children. And the pain can still be seen on Shipp’s face.

“I was angry at first and I am still somewhat angry about it. But I realized that he was not in his right mind because of the alcohol. And I prayed for him because I know that every day of his life he's going to have to visualize killing four innocent people and he's going to suffer. He's going to see that,” said Shipp.

Over a year later and Shipp said she is still searching for joy.

She is sharing her story in hopes that someone will her about her pain and make the right choice to not drink and drive.

“He had a choice. He had a choice. He didn't have to get in that truck and speed,” said Shipp.

Brooks has plead not guilty and his trail is set for summer of 2013.

Shipp hopes her story will save at least one life.

“Actually there are no words. It's the worse feeling of emptiness that any person can feel. The pain of losing your only child, it feels like your lifeline has been cut off,” added Shipp.