Milk Prices “Held Hostage” in Fiscal Cliff

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(Memphis) Easy Way stores owner Brian Carter distributes the popular Borden and Lala brands of milk all over the Memphis area.

Carter says, for now, prices remain relatively affordable, ”We’ve still got plenty coming in and right now I think everything’s going very well”.

But he and others say gridlock in Congress over the so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations, stand to change things in a hurry.

So far, Congress hasn’t taken up a new farm bill until it comes to an agreement on the “fiscal cliff."

The problem is, milk prices and other items are set by the farm bill, but that’s not all.

With no action, those in the business say milk prices are held hostage.

With no farm bill, government subsidies revert to artificially high 1949 levels, which could leave consumers paying more than double for that gallon of milk.

Carter says we seem to have only one way to get out of this jam, ”Call your Congressman with any concerns or things like that you might have, because they’re there for you."

He says that could be the only thing standing between us, and higher taxes and milk prices, ”It could if they sit on their hands, absolutely”.

And he says that’s exactly what Congress seems to be doing.