Horn Lake Mayor’s Race Kicks Off Political Season

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(Horn Lake, MS) Horn Lake is among the oldest communities in DeSoto County.

Now, it’s the first to have a full-fledged Mayor’s race.

Already, two big-name candidates are ready to rumble.

Incumbent Nat Baker has served two terms as Horn Lake Mayor, ”I’m lookin’ forward to another four years."

But he’ll have to get by former DeSoto Supervisor Alan Latimer to do it, ”This is my home. I love the people."

Both candidates have deep roots in the community and remain popular with citizens as well as good personal friends.

Baker touts his accomplishments in helping Horn Lake recover from the recession, ”One major project we’ve had going, is to fill and light every dark building we’ve had in the city."

He says as of last month, every commercial building has a tenant.

Latimer, aims to bring new business to town, ”Due to my past experience of being on the Board, I think I have the contacts to try to see if we can get some more economic development into the town."

Voters can expect to hear similar arguments from candidates all over.

For now, Horn Lake may have the most interesting Mayor’s race in the County, but municipal races throughout the State stand to bring lots of change to several Mississippi towns.

In Olive Branch, County Supervisor Jesse Medlin is widely expected to join Art Shumway in the Mayor’s race there.

In Southaven, Mayor Greg Davis may have run from TV cameras, but all indications are, he’s running for re-election.

Other names circulating are Alderman Ronnie Hale, police officer Jerald Wheeler, and State Representative Wanda Jennings.

All are expected to face the same tough economic environment Baker faced in Horn Lake, ”The first couple of years were just rough as they could be, but we took the bull by the horns, buckled down, started to get our finances under control”.

And candidates across the state say getting finances in order will remain a top priority.

”We need to get some tax dollars in. We need to get some money built up. When you have money in the bank, you can try for all those grants and matching funds” said Latimer.

Primary elections take place May 7th.