Man Caught on Camera Breaking Into SUV

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(Germantown)  Joe Cooper was visiting his folks for the holidays and got a visit from a burglar who keeps striking cars in North Germantown. It's keeping police quite busy.

“They say it's pretty frequent around the area," said Cooper. “They say they're on it and are trying to figure out what's going on.”

Bo Higgins said this exact same thing happened to him, but the burglar didn't notice his home is heavily armed with cameras.

“When I went through the camera I saw a guy that had been in the neighborhood an hour and a half, going through every car unlocked”, said Higgins.

The incident Higgins described happened weeks ago but he said the pattern, time of night, and items taken all match up.

In a suburb where often times police work no cases on any given day these break-ins are a pretty big deal.