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Family Feud Over Slain Police Officer’s Children And Estate

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(Memphis) - Martoiya Lang's four girls will live the rest of their lives without their mother.

Hours after Officer Lang was shot and killed serving a drug warrant December 14th, her estranged husband Darius, father to three of her children, told News Channel 3 he was concerned about their kids.

"It's my biggest concern, my daughters right now.  My big concern is Taylour, Dariyn and Naia. They are the ones going to feel pain. They are the ones hurting right now," said Darius Lang.

Now he is in a  fight for his family.

Since their mother's murder, the Lang  girls had been living with Officer Lang's mother Vivian Woods-Taylor.

Last Friday, the day Officer Lang was buried, her mother's attorney filed a court petition seeking to give Vivian Woods-Taylor guardianship of the girls and the estate, asking that insurance and other death benefits be put into a Probate Court account.
But Wednesday Darius Lang, as their natural-born father, was given custody of the three oldest girls, his daughters.
Darius Lang tells News Channel 3 he never wanted this fight and knows it will likely only lead to more harm than good.

Darius Lang also told us the court did not give him custody of Officer Lang's youngest 2-year-old daughter, a child she had by another man. He says he does not know who has custody of the little girl.

Another sticking point in all of this is Officer Lang's death benefits, which could be close to half-a-million dollars.

There is expected to be a court fight over who becomes guardian over  that money.