Club Crave Shut Down

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(Memphis)- A controversial nightclub on the city's famous Beale Street was shut down Thursday.

“This place is snake-bitten and it’s got to go,” said Memphis Mayor A C Wharton in a press conference.

The doors are closed up and locked down. City leaders are fed up with the ongoing violence around 380 Beale Street.

“A question was once asked about a particular city, ‘Can anything good come out of this place’,” asked Wharton. “We're convinced that no good can ever come out of [this property].”

Thursday, a temporary injunction was granted for the district attorney to shut down Club Crave. A year and a half investigation by undercover officers revealed drug use and sales, as well as robberies and aggravated assaults. The final piece of evidence was a murder outside the club on Christmas Eve.

“We've done all that we can do,” said Police Director, Toney Armstrong. “It’s almost on a nightly basis that anytime this club is open, we're basically responding to calls.”

The president of the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau says that crime is tarnishing the image of Beale Street and Memphis tourism.

“[Beale Street] is an important footprint for Memphis and Shelby County,” said Kevin Kane. “This is a huge economic impact for our community and it’s a welcome mat to people from all over the world and it’s important for people to know they're safe.”

Beale street business owners couldn't be happier. They say the closure is long overdue.

“I've been down here 29 years,” said Mike Glenn, owner of New Daisy. “I've seen so many owners, so many problems down here. We just hope this is going to be a finale here.”

The city hopes to bull-doze the building. They're going to file a demolition petition sometime in January. They say a parking lot would serve Beale Street much better.