Still A Possibility Of Charges In Accidental Shooting Death Of 10-Year-Old Boy

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(Memphis) Neighbors say it's been quiet at 3297 Coleman since the Christmas day tragedy that killed 10-year-old Alfreddie Gipson.

The young boy and his 12-year-old brother found a gun in a bedroom, began playing with it and the weapon went off, hitting young Alfreddie in the stomach.

Police say the shooting was accidental.

"It's just another horrible tragedy that was completely avoidable," says Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich.

She says no criminal charges will be filed, yet.

"It is a case that we are still working on. The police department is still conducting an investigation," says Weirich.

She says depending on what investigators find, someone could or could not face charges.

They must determine who owned the gun and was that person even suppose to have one.

There is also the question of whether any negligence was involved in the gun getting into the hands of two kids.

Remember, police say the weapon was not secured.

"As prosecutors we are charged with making sure justice is done. We have to make sure that every stone has been turned over and every question answered that we can answer.  When we have done that, what is left and is there someone who can and should be prosecuted and if so, what is that charge?" says Weirich.
The District Attorney says what, if anything, a person is charged with in the case will depend on the background of the gun owner. For instance, if that person has a prior felony, which means they were not supposed to even have a weapon.

They are also looking at the 12-year-old brother and how he plays into all of  this. Right now he has been released to family members.

The state may determine if he remains with his immediate family.