Snow and Ice, Not Always Nice

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(Memphis) If you hit the roads Wednesday morning, you had to be prepared.

 "It wasn't so bad but I haven't got on the loop yet," said Suzanne Tagg, an East Memphis resident headed to work.

The wintry weather caused some slipping and sliding on the highways. The winds even took down the roof of an old tire shop at Florida and Malory. And if you were like Clyde Holt, who planned to be in it all day as a sanitation worker for the City of Memphis, you had to suit-up to show-up. "Oh, I have my jumpsuit. I have two pairs of pants. I have my boots and rubber gloves."

Holt had a good attitude about the job ahead of him and so did another guy waiting for a bus, originally from Chicago. "I love the weather and I'm glad to be out in it," he said.

While some were happy to get snow on the day after Christmas, others who saw it, and felt it, thought it could be a life-threatening situation for them.

"It was cold, and I got wet last night," said Willie Banner, who is homeless.

"It ain't fun. It ain't nice," said Patricia Douglass, who also slept outside.

"Did you have blankets on top of you?" asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Yeah, they are wet, soaking wet. They are over there," pointed Banner.

Banner and Douglass had to pick-up new clothes and dry shoes from the Union Mission. For them, it's a matter of life or death. Just a few years ago, they saw their friend freeze to death on a day like today.

"He was my sleeping buddy. I woke up and I thought he was still sleeping. He was dead," said Eric Townsend.

 "We don't want to be out here like him," said Douglass.

While most of us are trying to stay warm, for some it's a full-time job.

 "I just pray to God," said Townsend.  "I pray he'll show me where to go to get warm."