Blizzard Causes Power Problem in Arkansas

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 (Jonesboro, AR) 

Over one hundred thousand people have no power in Arkansas after a blizzard hit Christmas night. 

That number is down from almost two hundred thousand, and Arkansas’s governor is declaring a state of emergency and asking crews from other states to come help restore power. 

In Jonesboro kids wouldn’t know if there was power at their house or not because most of them have been out all day sledding. 

Jonesboro got over five inches of snow Christmas night.

“I’ve never seen it like this before. It’s cool,” said twelve year old Preston Mooney. 

It’s also quite a surprise.

Hours of sledding isn’t a typical Christmas break activity for kids in northeast Arkansas.  

But what’s fun for kids can be a headache for adults. 

Highway crews are scraping and salting Arkansas roads in preparation of freezing temperatures again tonight that could turn this slush into deadly ice.