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Firefighters Offer Up Tips As Temps Drop

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(Memphis) Crews are manning their fire and police posts all across the city Tuesday night. With winter weather headed to Memphis, the chance of danger goes up.

"On a night like tonight. Get a lot of blankets out and hope for the best," said Lt. Vincent Martin with the Memphis Fire Department.

The frigid air is expected to feel like it's in the teens late Tuesday night and Wednesday, keeping you shivering and looking for ways to stay toasty.

But Lt. Martin says before you go crank up your space heaters, look around. You don't want to change a potentially white Christmas into one blazing with red and orange.

"Keep those space heaters 10 to 15 feet away from anything combustible like curtains or clothes," said Martin.

Martin also suggests you have a working smoke detector in your home, if you don't have one, stop by your nearest fire station to get one.

If you're headed to the mall to return the gifts you didn't fancy or to cash in on super sales, watch out. Snow, rain, sleet and ice are all expected to be out on the roads along with drivers.

"Take your time. Leave early. With the traffic the way it is, if you rush, that's when you get in trouble," said Martin.