Triple Shooting Outside Club Crave

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(Memphis) A triple shooting outside of a downtown nightclub had people running and ducking for cover.

The violence left one man  dead and two others recovering at The MED.  The shooting happened outside of Club Crave around 3 a.m. Monday morning.

What was supposed to be a holiday party ended with screams and tears.

"It sounded like two people were shooting at each other," said Teesa Lester.  "You heard 'pow, pow' then 'pow, pow, pow, pow."

Three people were shot outside of Club Crave. One man, 24-year-old Randy Williams, died later at the MED.

The club had been packed with people who had come to see Memphis Rapper Yo Gotti. He gave away $10,000 during the course of the night.

"And energy inside the club tonight was positive?" asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

"Very positive," said bartender Shonda Long.

But positive energy soon turned to panic.

"I was just walking up and people started shooting so everybody started running," said Michael Ruffin.

Police say when people heard the gun shots, many who were standing outside started running back inside Club Crave for safety.

"People were falling and pushed over," said Lester.  "You saw ladies getting dragged. The guys trying to get them away."

In the chaos, police say the crowd trampled a woman. She was also taken to the hospital.

"A lot of things have gone down here but that doesn't spell what we represent," said Long.

Long says despite its bad reputation, security does its best to keep weapons out. 

"Security is on that. They are adamant. No guns allowed," Long said. Everyone is stripped down to the shoes. Females and guys included."

However, she says they can't control what happens on the outside.  And that's enough to keep some from coming back.

"I know I won't be going to the club anymore or nothing like that," said Emmanual Quinn. "I have two kids to live for. I can't go through anything like that."

If you have information about this shooting, call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.