People Line Up for Last-Minute Shopping

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(Memphis) Some people waited until the very last-minute to get gifts, forming lines at a 24-hour Walgreens with just hours before Christmas.

Work, family obligations and fear of mall crowds kept some of them from shopping until Dec. 24.

Bryant Warren, "I'm just a last-minute type of person. I've been working and today was my first day off, so I just had enough time today to do everything that I had to do."

Even though Warren is a self-described procrastinator, he actually planned this last-minute project. He bought frames a while ago and planned on printing pictures for them on Christmas Eve.

Plus, he was avoiding shopping malls.

"I really don't like crowds that much, but I always know Walgreens is a place where you could come," he said.

The 24-hour store on Union Avenue was also the saving grace for Stacy Knight, who was only able to finish getting gifts for her toddler on the 24th.

She said multiple family gatherings kept her from the store to get "stocking stuffers. Trying to get everything ready and put out. And we were just going from family to family."

But as long as presents are bought, wrapped and put under the tree before Christmas morning, "they're going to be happy tomorrow unwrapping their presents, and going to get up and see what all Santa came to bring them," Knight said.