Holiday Shoppers Brace The Last Minute Rush

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(Memphis) It was busy at Oak Court Mall Christmas Eve day, but not as hectic as many last-minute shoppers expected. 

"I came here yesterday, you could hardly find a spot, but today it's so thin," said Tracy Mayweather. He says earlier in the week he had to fight to get through the crowd. 

"I had to say 'excuse me' people like, 'oh I didn't see you.' It's like I'm a little child" said Mayweather.

Angela Johnson is starting and hoping to finish all her Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. That can be a little tricky with her daughter right by her side.

"It's very hard, I'm on one side of the store, she's on the other side of the store," said Johnson. 

By knowing everything she wants to get, the mom is confident the shopping  trip won't take her long.

"Not long lines. It's been very good so far," said Johnson.

At the grocery stores it's a different story.

"I've been driving around for 15 minutes trying to get a parking spot," said Michelle Gurley who avoided the grocery store all week. 

While prepping to bake Christmas cookies, she realized she would have to battle the Christmas dinner shopping crowds.

"I always figured I had flour, and I'm like uh oh. These are my mother in-laws special Christmas cookies. She said 'I will cancel Christmas, if you don't bring the cookies,'" said Gurley.

If you are heading out into get those last few gifts, remember holiday traffic can be hectic. Stay cautious and drive safely.