MPD: Two Wounded by Shooting Behind Club Hughes

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(Memphis) A Memphis nightclub is making headlines again after a violent night. Police say two people were shot behind Roy Hughes’ popular night spot early Sunday morning.

The owner claims there were never any shots fired at their Christmas party, but that`s not what neighbors heard.

Hughes says the most recent shooting is not what it seems. He claims management does all they can to keep the club a safe environment for everyone. Neighbors say, the problem is, it pours out into the streets.

Two different people were driven to the Med with gunshot wounds, one of them in critical condition. The victims claim they were shot behind the nightclub on Thomas Street.

“We had a good night,” said Hughes. “We didn't have any problems. We didn't have any gunshots.”

Hughes is quick to defend the allegations. He believes the victims made up their stories to protect whatever it is they're involved in.

“What might have happened, is [the shooting] happened somewhere else and they don't want to call the police where it actually happened at because they know they're going to search the heck out of it, so they put the club in it,” said Hughes.

However, neighbors say they heard three gunshots just after 5:00 Sunday morning. Twenty minutes later, they say two more rang out. Neighbors feared talking on camera Sunday because of retaliation from club-goers, but they say shootings happen all the time with people coming and going from Hughes' club.

“That's water under the bridge,” said Hughes, when asked about the other shootings.
"Time heals all wounds and some things get better with time.”

Hughes claims police came out after the alleged shooting to investigate, but found no evidence of a crime.

“There was no ambulance call here, there was no shooting call here, there was no police call here," said Hughes. "I'm just totally dumbfounded on where this came from and hate that I have to fight a battle that's not really mine.”

News Channel 3 got a look at police records and saw there have been a total of 24 violent incidents this year at Hughes' club. Four of them were serious incidents involving Aggravated Assaults like the one police are investigating now.