Mayor Tackles Gun Issue with Vice President

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(MEMPHIS)  The music sent chills through Hope Church, thousands gathered to say good-bye to a police officer fighting to clean up crime, fighting to make the world a better place for her four daughters.

It's a fight that continued in the middle of her funeral.  Mayor A C Wharton had to leave the ceremony sit in the pastor's office to take a call from the Vice President of the United States.

Mayor Wharton and nine mayors across the country facing major crime problems have been asked by the Obama administration to help shape laws and legislation to make the country safer from guns.

“Officer Lang is dead today because a guy used a stolen gun with a 16 round magazine clip, our police officers don't carry that”, said Wharton.

    The mayor wants those clips that hold so many bullets banned. He has a plan for guns too. If you're caught with a stolen, immediate hard time, major sentences, with no chance of parole.

“I don't know who could oppose that because hunters don't want their guns stolen, you can argue about a lot of things but no one has a right to steal a gun” he added.