High Winds Rip Roof Off Mobile Home In Crenshaw, MS

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(Crenshaw, MS) People around the mid-south are still cleaning up after this week's wild weather.

A family in Crenshaw, Mississippi is trying to salvage what they can, after high winds ripped a section of roof off their mobile home.

The damage was caused by Thursday morning's powerful cold front that brought rain and strong sustained winds.

No one inside the mobile home was hurt, but the family is still trying to deal with what happened to them.

Tawanda Curry surveys the damage to her home,

"This would be the sitting area. Right up in here,  that's where the whole wall caved in."

Curry's mobile home is in shambles and there's a "skylight" where the roof used to be.

The metal home took a direct hit Thursday morning from a cold front packing 50-mile per hour winds.

"The house was shaking real, real hard."

Eleven year old Shakiara Curry was sleeping with her mother when the storm hit after
4 am.

She says her mom didn't wake up until Tawanda's stepfather, who lives nearby, woke her.

Tawanda says the pounding woke her from a sound sleep,

"Beating on the door saying, 'hurry up and get out of the house, get out of the house, your whole roof is gone. So I grabbed my kids and we ran out of the house without anything on."

Tawanda' s seven year old son was also inside, but escaped unhurt.

The family ran to safety and when Shakiara Curry looked back she couldn't believe what she saw.

"We was looking at our house and we was like, 'dang...what happened?"

Workers stripped off what little metal siding wasn't blown away, in preperation for moving a new mobile home in.

But debris from the mobile home was scattered everywhere on the west side of Crenshaw.

Johnnie Johnson has been trying to cleanup some of the mess from his yard,

"Oh, it got plenty of stuff in the trees, all up there. The top was wrapped around that tree right over there, the whole top of it. It was just like you pull a banana back."

All the family's clothes and furniture are waterlogged, but friends came by Friday to help them pick up the pieces.

While the Curry's desperately need a place to live, Tawanda is sure of one place she doesn't want, 

"I'm scared of a mobile home right now."

 The mobile home appeared to be the only building damaged in Crenshaw.

However, high winds toppled several trees and debris knocked the glass out of some of  Crenshaw's city owned vehicles.