Gun Collector Gets Stash Stolen

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(Memphis) More guns are on the streets of Memphis after police say a burglar hit up the house of a gun collector! It happened recently in Frayser. The victim says he fears his house may be targeted again.

He calls himself a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association with a serious gun collection. Now he fears gang members know where he lives.

We promised we wouldn't say his name or show his house, but the a gun enthusiast in Frayser had just some of his cache of weapons stolen.

"A lot of guns, a lot of guns," said Neighbor Mark Thomas.  "But he collects them."

Police say Anfernee Sherrod stole about 25 guns from the man's house, including pistols, handguns, modified rifles and shotguns. When officers arrested Sherrod for another burglary, they say one of his accomplices he had one of those stolen guns on him, the rest are now somewhere on the streets.

"Not a good feeling to know that many more guns are out there," said Thomas.

And while the gun collector admits to News Channel 3 that he didn't have his guns locked-up in the house, his neighbors say they don't hold it against him.

"He ought to have whatever he wants in side of his house," said another neighbor .

"He's a gun collector, good guy, responsible," said Thomas

A responsible, good guy who took a big hit. Police say when Sherrod burglarized the man's house, he also stole cash and jewelry, getting away with $60,000 worth of goods and guns. Guns that could be anywhere by now.

"Of course, the people who did it are not model citizens so weapons in their hands is not a good thing," said Thomas.

The homeowner says there is some hope he can get some of his stolen jewelry back, because some it was recovered at a pawn shop but the guns are likely gone for good.

Sherrad is being held in jail on a $75,000 bond.